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Eemsharbor, Groningen

WatInfo stands for an open information centrum for anyone who's interested in either the Wadden Sea, the Eemsharbor or (sustainable) energy sources. This can range from people who have checked in at the Borkum Line and have some time left, to an educational trip for primary schools. The starting spot for watersports can be used by associations, individuals or a company that takes up residence in order to facilitate commercial watersports.

The rectangular volume on the ground floor facilitates a starting spot for watersports. The large volume on the first floor refers to a beach house whose roof is inverted. The glass façade and skylights give the building its identity, human scale and spectacular views on the Wadden Sea

The cantilever of the large volume on the upper floor results in a significant first floor height (600 mm). This thick floor is ended by a 3 steps stair, on which people can joy the panoramic view that the building offers them.

The grid size of the building and dimensioning of the different materials derive from the width of the welted zinc roof and façade (520 mm). The buoyancy of the building consists of concrete elements which rest on an EPS core. The building is situated 25 meters from the coast line and therefore can also function when the tide is low.