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Facade design

Antwerpen, Belgium

Because the left part of the facade on the Belgiëlei is generally approached frontally, this fa├žade will be considered as the "main facade". Therefor the entrance to the ground floor store will be situated here. The right part of the facade on the Mechelsesteenweg will be considered as the "residential and park side".

The apartments on park side are larger to ensure a beautiful view to the park. These windows are proportionately twice as large as the ones on the left side. However, because this facade is mostly experienced from a view parallel to the facade, the windows are experienced as less big. The entrance to the upper apartments is located on a quieter spot, at the far right.

The facade on the Belgiëlei will deal with the other buildings in this street, by choosing a narrow classical fenestration with three windows on each floor. The type of window and the horizontal segmentation on the right-hand side runs across the corner, through which the two parts of the facade are connected to each other.

Two loggias on the top floor give the front of the facade a function and emphasize the traditional classification of the building. Here the facade has been extended in order to make one clear volume. The anthracite stone plinth and the sand-colored middle and the loggias enhance the classical construction of the facade.