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International Design Competition

Seattle, Washington, USA

The competition challenges to envision new, innovative reuse strategies to transform Seattle's 520 floating bridge (lake Washington). The bridge will be decommissioned in 2014 due to high maintenance costs, damage, and the need for additional lanes.

Nowadays rehabilitation and sustainability of large infrastructural objects become a key task for improving our living environment. Especially in an economic crisis cheap and environmental friendly solution should be found. By not lifting the 77 ton anchors and by keeping the bridge in place money and energy will be saved.

The current historical bridge has the potentials to offer a new diversity of functions which are not offered in the main parts of Seattle yet. With an excellent view on the landscape and good accessibility, several activities can be located on the bridge. Therefore the bridge has been transformed in a green corridor with a focus on cycling, running and walking. This green corridor provides access to spaces for (water)sports, fishing, culture, music and short stay facilities for artists, surfers & fishermen. The bridge becomes a large green strip as an extension of the current city. Crossing the bridge becomes a divers and interesting experience.